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Lash enhancements

We offer four different types of lash extension treatments:

Strip lashes

Cost: £9.50

Strip lashes are ideal for a night out or special occasion. We provide various shapes and thickness to achieve either a natural or full volume look.

Party lashes

Cost: £15.50
Soak off £5

Party lashes, also known as cluster lashes, are ideal for weekends and are placed across your lash line. We use various lengths of lashes to achieve your desired look.

Semi-Permanent lashes

Classic semi-permanent lash extensions

One lash extension is glued to one natural lash by isolating each natural lash individually. This method is more suitable for clients who have plenty of natural lashes and want to add length. Treatment time is approx 2hrs.

Classic full set - £40
Classic 2 week infill (1 hr) - £18
Classic 3 week infill (1.5 hr) - £25

Volume semi-permanent lash extensions

Volume lashes create a thicker and more dense look, which can be customised to how you want them. A natural or fuller look can be easily achieved. A fan is created perfect for each natural lash in weight and length and then applied to one natural lash by isolating each natural lash individually. Treatment time is approx 3hrs.

Volume full set - £60
Volume 2 week infill (1.5hr) - £25
Volume 3 week infill (2hr) - £35

The premium lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures to suit your eyes. Semi-permanent lash extensions will give you a stunning look which will last as long as your own natural lash cycle. In order to maintain the fullness of the lashes and to keep their perfect appearance, you are advised to maintain your lashes every 2-4 weeks.

There are many benefits of semi-permanent eyelash extensions:

Virtually weightless – meaning a beautiful natural look with no discomfort.
Non-damaging – when professionally applied, semi-permanent eyelash extensions do not damage the natural eyelash. Your lashes can be removed at any time.
No need for mascara – semi-permanent lashes add length and colour, so there’s no need to use mascara.
Easy to maintain – semi-permanent lashes can be worn long-term as long as they are maintained with a top-up every 2-4 weeks. Having regular infills will retain your fullness and keep your new lashes long, natural and beautiful.
Swim, shower, exercise – semi-permanent lashes should not fall out when exercising and are ideal for holidays

A glue test and consultation is required at least 24 hours prior to all lash treatments. We ask for a £10 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking your appointment.

Phone : 01623 624119
Address : 25 Dunsil Road
Mansfield Woodhouse
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