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Microblading and shading is a semi-permanent procedure for eyebrows, similar to tattooing, that uses a specialised, handheld tool to create the appearance of hair strokes and colouring in the brow area. These hair strokes imitate real eyebrow hairs, creating the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.

Microblading is the process of making lots of tiny, superficial strokes in the brow line, which are then filled in with pigments to create darker, fuller brows. Microblading is also used to reshape the brow. It can fill in thinning arches, or create the perfect tapering effect. Thanks to a specially designed hand tool, microblading can create hair-thin strokes that mimic the shape of real eyebrows. The added control offered by the instrument means more refined, natural looking brows.

Every individual client’s results are different due to age, skin type, genetics, medication and lifestyle. Semi permanent make up can last up to 12-18 months, there after you will just need to get colour boots at a discounted price to your first treatment. Included within the initial treatment price is a complimentary top up/ colour boost six weeks after your first procedure.

Part of the in-depth consultation is to draw on the preferred shape for the desired look that you want to create. You will also have to agree the colour before any work is carried out.

A free consultation and patch test is required at least 48hrs prior to your Microblading treatment. If you decide to proceed, we require a £50 booking fee to confirm your appointment.

Microblading (including 6 week top up) £240
   6-9 month top up £80
   12 month top up £120
   18 month top up £150
Ombrè brows (including 6 week top up) £300
   6-9 month top up £120
   12 month top up £160
   18 month top up £180
Microshading (including 6 week top up) £275
   6-9 month top up £95
   12 month top up £135
   18 month top up £165
Clients who have had semi permanent brows done elsewhere and require a top up will be charged the full treatment price.
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